is a website project by Balázs Kovács that hosts transparent interaction between visitors, all through musical games. The site, which seems very simple at first sight, hosts seven online musical games, and is full of ghostly ‘easter eggs’. For example, the logo at the top of the homepage fades and glows when there is someone else viewing it. “The site is full of indirect communication like the logo, but I also wanted to explore more direct ways for people who don’t know each other, to interact anonymously.” Kovács said.


That’s why he started building the games. To connect people indirectly. These are basic games, which are all cooperative and can accommodate multiple users who are connected through the backend of the website. There is no limit to how many people can play these games, but there are some possible glitches that can occur with certain web browsers. For example, the sound processing on Firefox will sometimes get glitchy while playing one of the games. If this happens, you can refresh the page and reload the game, or (as Kovács suggests) you can also enjoy it as a special feature that Firefox offers.


Here are direct links to the games!


Pattogtattató – audio game with bouncing balls

Forgattató – audio game with spinning fans

WebSynth – a mobile-friendly FM-synth with sequencer

Makkeróni – web audio operating system

Pingpopong – community audio ping-pong (needs multiple users)

Kettwig – webcards – a cooperative photo-audio exploration about Essen-Kettwig



A library of 19-second videos, which Johannes Schöllhorn and Alexander Grebtschenko began after Covid-19 eliminated opportunities for their students to perform.