Muvid-19 is a living library of 19-second videos, which began at the Institute for New Music at the Freiburg University of Music by composers Johannes Schöllhorn and Alexander Grebtschenko, when Covid-19 eliminated the planned opportunities for their electronic music students to perform live. Later on, the game-like project attracted the support and participation of Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg, European Association for Music in Schools, and now Transparent Sound New Music Festival!


“In every etude, there is a constraint that challenges creativity. With only 19 seconds of film, you can just get started. This awakens the desire to create something, and you can learn a lot at the same time. Some create a rough diamond, others grind it to perfection.” Johannes Schöllhorn


There are two rules composers follow: 

1) The video is 19 seconds long.

2) There are speakers. In the broadest sense.


The project launched on May 29, 2020 with a video piece by Grebtschenko in which he sets a speaker on fire on his kitchen stove. By the end of 2020, the collection had grown to 89 miniature videos, by nearly 50 different composers, including a vastly diverse set of interpretations on the theme. 


The collection, still spreading and growing, now includes pieces by composers who have participated in Transparent Sound Festival in the past. We will share their contributions as they arrive!


The entire Muvid-19 video collection is available on Vimeo, here.



Participating composers:

Frauke Aulbert, Pablo Beltrán, Martin Bergande, Alberto Bernal, Thade Buchborn, Thade Buchborn, Marton Bujdoso, Marie-Luise Calvero, Carlos Cárdenas, Lingyi Dong, Kompass Ensemble, Farzia Fallah, Elisabeth Fusseder, Alexander Grebtschenko, Samu Gryllus, Elena Gutina, Ardian Halimi, Bence Hartl, Alan Hilario, Jonas Hirth, Ha Young Hwang, Eunhyae Im, Da Eun Jun, Vasiliki Kourti-Papamoustou, Sophie-Youjung Lee, Charlotte Lindner, Shiwei Liu, Miguel Llanque, Sophie Marest, Manu Mühl, Canela Palacios, Isabel Pardo, Joschka Pressler, Eleni Ralli, Olga Riazantceva-Schwarz, Annette Rießner, Matias Schillmöller, Johannes Schöllhorn, Meike Senker, Carlos Cotallo Solares, Maximiliano Soto, Dimitrios Stavrou, Elisabeth Theisohn, Clemens K. Thomas, Carlo Philipp Thomsen, Laura Torres, Judit Varga, Telemach Wiesinger, Peiyi Yang, So-Jeong Yoo, Lanqin Yu, Sebastián Zuleta

Sonic Memory

Transparent Sound Festival's official memory game, with original sounds provided by our colleagues.