Patatap and Typatone


Patatap and Typatone are two beautiful online audio games by Lullatone (Shawn James Seymour and Yoshimi Tomida) and Jono Brandel. They provide synesthetic online musical experiences that anyone with any level of musical expertise can enjoy.


There is a lot of flexibility in these two platforms. Try playing Typatone in multiple browser windows to create layers of loops! You can also download your composition, or send musical messages through the website. In a video where Shawn and Yoshimi talk about Typatone, they recommend pasting in text  “from your favorite essays, the news, the user agreements of all those apps you downloaded, the privacy policy of all the sights you like to go to…” and just letting it play in the background.


The team also provides their free “Raindrop Melody Maker” here!

A fantastic website by Balázs Kovács that offers online audio games where anonymous visitors can collaborate indirectly through sound.