Urobo is a wonderful two-player 12-tone game created by instrument-maker, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, Dániel Váczi and web designer, developer Pál Dávid László. The two have a long history of collaboration, beginning at the start of their friendship when they created a teenage one-song-from-every-genre band called comethebe. The team’s most recent collaboration is Urobo, where you and a friend play against each other to collect the most tiles.


There is something pleasantly disorienting about playing Urobo, with its circular keyboard, changing background color, and lack of pitch hierarchy. You might find yourself struggling between whether to make a strategic move to win a point, or to select the note you want to hear next. Váczi and Lászlo plan to add two more features to the game in the near future: an Urobo bot anyone can play against named “Urobo Automata”, and a midi playback of the melody you compose over the course of a game.


Play Urobo Now!


Here are two videos of game creator Dániel Vaczi and pianist Máté Pózsár improvising while playing a game of Urobo!

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