Let’s play something!


Let’s play something! Collective games. Sonic games. Silence games. With gameplay rules. Playful game rules. Games without rules and games with rules that can be played with. Radio plays. Visual games. Game classics. Classical music games. Game music. Gamemasters. Game rounds. Playgrounds, us, them, everyone, together.


Are you game?

Transparent Sound Festival 2021 will center on coming together to play. Our 10-day festival will offer concerts, theatre productions, workshops, exhibitions, installations, screenings, presentations and a musical playground. As usual, accompanying introductory sessions will offer scholarly insight into the newest compositions in the repertoire and key compositions from the last 70 years. Of course, over the past year the rules of play have changed for all of us, so we have had to develop a new strategy and vision for the festival.


At the moment, we still cannot say whether we will be able to gather physically for any of the events in January. For this reason, we are prepared to move some of our programs to online spaces, and schedule others as separate events that will take place later in the year. We will offer precise and up-to-date information on our social media platforms and here on our website.

Stay in the game!